PowerPoint interactions #5: Clickable Graphic – Magnify

Here’s a slightly different kind of example. How do you get PowerPoint to do fancy things when you don’t have any keyframes, ‘tweening, variables or rollover states?

Here’s template #5 in the series. So far, I’ve been using PowerPoint’s built-in animations. This is a little different – more of a primitive visual trick or illusion than an animation technique. Instead of using computer functionality to create the illusion, it relies on something else to do it – your brain.

First, View the Presentation. Screenshot of the output

So what do you think is happening in terms of animation in PowerPoint?

The answer is – nothing.

You’re simply jumping between 10 slides that show a grid of 9 images. On each slide, the size and position of the 9 images is slightly different.

As you go from one slide to another, your own mind fills in the gaps and creates its own animation (once the slides are all loaded anyway!). The grid helps to reinforce it. You’re not seeing two separate images on each slide – you’re creating a transition between them for yourself.

The theory behind this is that your brain creates the “in between” state for itself, because it “doesn’t like” the jump. It’s the same principle that allows us to watch a film running at a rate as low as 5 or 6 frames per second and still make sense of it.

“Persistence of vision”, “Gestalt” or whatever you want to call it – something for a heavier blog post entirely. It’s the mysteries of the brain. Use them to your advantage!

Notice how the states of the “animation” are pretty free and not locked rigidly into place, and yet they are still acceptable to the eye. I like the way this gives an “organic” feel. Check out the PowerPoint if you want to play around with the illusion or swap out the images. I think this kind of “primitive” approach opens up quite a few interesting possibilities – so watch this space for more tricks.

Whatever you do with this – have fun! And if you need something like this done to order, please contact me.

COMING NEXT: Another variation on this…

7 thoughts on “PowerPoint interactions #5: Clickable Graphic – Magnify

  1. The font coloring, to match the signs, is another good clue of the change. I like it. I also like that all the slides are hyperlinked so there is no need to return home between stones.

    Nicely done.

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips and files. The community appreciates it. One suggestion, if the gems were place on the master and only the single gem were changed at the slide level, you should lose the occasional blank slide as the swfs swap out.

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